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Playtech Makes Major Deals in Effort to Improve Long Term Value

Playtech has recently been very busy signing major agreements that will lead to its acquiring of assets and businesses that will improve its value to its investors and other individuals and companies who have a stake in Playtech over the long term.

The first major agreement relates to Playtech acquiring assets and businesses to gain online and mobile entry into the B2B real money social gaming sector.  At the same time, along with Brickington Trading Limited, Playtech will be claiming B2C venture share in organizations that have piqued the interest of Teddy Sagi.  Teddy Sagi is a major Brickington shareholder and the founder of Playtech.

These dealings will allow Playtech access to a wide array of social gaming platforms, which Playtech will service using its cross platform abilities and will cover the full range of products, such as poker, casino, rummy, and bingo.

The second memorandum of understanding (MoU) is in regard to Playtech’s intentions to acquisition office space in London, England for Gaming Technology Solutions, its UK subsidiary.

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