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Gambling newsSurvivor Tournament at Jackpot City Casino

Survivor Blackjack tournament takes place in one of Microgaming’s famous casinos, Jackpot City Casino. The tournament is soon starting and it is played on European Blackjack, a well known game in Jackpot City Casino. Only the first 250 registered players will be able to participate at the event so people should rush and register before the entries close down. The minimum number of registered players must be 14 for the tournament to take place. This condition has always been met so far, due to the popularity of this competition. Players must pay a $20 entry fee for a $280 guaranteed prize, which will be split between the best 3 players in order of performance. Top player will win $130, the second will win $90, and the third player will take home $60.

The tournament consists in three rounds. Players will start with 2,500 chips in the first round, which is played on eight hands, wagering between 10 and 250 chips. Only 10 players will go to round two. The second round is also played on eight hands, but wagers vary from 50 chips to 500 chips. The players will start with 3,500 chips and only six of them will go to round three. The last round is the hardest of all. Players will start with 5,000 chips and will wager between 100 and 1,000 chips. This is a six hands round and requires hard core wagering. There is no time to waste now and players must be quick, as only three of them will finish this round and have their shares of the prize.

During Survivor tournament, the rest of blackjack players who do not prefer to compete, can enjoy the rest of blackjack games in the casino, like Double Exposure or Pontoon. Double exposure is fit to beginners as the cards are dealt face up. With Pontoon cards are dealt face down, but the game pays 2 to 1 in exchange.

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