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Hearing over the Full Tilt Poker’s license today

Public hearing over Full Tilt Poker’s license followed by news about a possible purchase of the casino’s parts.

After Alderney suspended the gambling license of Full Tilt Poker, the casino has been accosted by a group of unknown investors which are very interested in purchasing the UK and Irish holdings and the European licenses  of the huge poker casino. Whatever details will come out of this purchase offer, it will be heard this evening, after the scheduled hearing over Full Tilt Poker’s licensing hearing.

Purchase of Assets.

Just a few days before the public hearing of Full Tilt, the internet gaming publication eGaming Review stated that the potential purchase of Full Tilt’s assets was not related to the operations of the casino in the United States. They rather made reference to the British and Irish brands.

Information were given to the publication by a source that the purchase of parts of Full Tilt poker casino, which was being negotiated, is aiming for the family of casinos in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including Pocket King marketing company  in Dublin, and licenses held in Alderney, which is the most northern of the Channel Islands

Full Tilt Poker’s future.

The public hearing in London, scheduled for Tuesday, was set by The Alderney Gambling Control Commission to decide on Full Tilt Poker’s fate. The poker casino is in a delicate situation ever since the negative events of Black Friday in the United States in April.

Full Tilt Poker’s licenses were suspended by Alderney on 29th of June, after the indictment of the company by the US government on the 15th of April. The website was forced to seize all operations from the jurisdiction effective immediately.

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