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Isle of Man helps online operators to obtain gaming licenses

The Isle of Man established new licensing levels to help improve the  business-to-business online activity.

When it comes to licensing online operators and regulating online gambling, the Isle of Man holds the top position and enhances its well-known reputation. For the improvement of regulatory business, the current regulatory authority is seeking to provide new license opportunities to many business-to-business (B2B) services. Provisions for enabling a new network service license are provided by the 2001 Online Gambling Regulation Act.

The Isle of Man established the new licensing level in order to sustain the importance of business-to-business (B2B) within the online casino and online gambling industry. According to the head of the Isle of Man’s e-Gaming Development, Garth Kimber, the introduction of the new licensing levels will give the country the possibility to satisfy all the models associated with the gaming business in the whole country. This applies to companies that sell platforms capabilities as well as to companies that guide consumers. Kimber also stated that beside  the provisions of the network service license, there are three new levels to the new license. Now there are standard licenses and sub-licenses.

According to Kimber, the creation of the new licensing arrangements offers the Isle of Man the possibility to keep up with the continuous expansion of e-gaming industry, that includes online gambling and make licensing a simple task. The primary aim of the new licenses will be care issues, as well as regulation and the protection of players regarding personal information and funds protection. The new licenses will also make sure the online games that are posted are fair. The new regulations will offer more protection for the players and will make the Isle of Man more commercially attractive for other foreign e-gaming companies.

Kimber also stated that because the regulations are not hard to understand and the licenses are easy to obtain, a lot of companies will find great business opportunities, as long as the e-gaming business is legitimate.

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