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Guardian's article on Calvin Ayre

Bodog’s creator hit the spot in the British Guardian newspaper.

In the latest article of the Business section, Guardian newspaper exposes Calvin Ayre as “web gambling’s king of bling”, due to the recent purchase of that the entrepreneur did, which was not cheap. Ayre also hosted a “anything goes” party in Dublin, for his 50th anniversary, where he invited 50 girls, one for each year.

Calvin Ayre’s father was a pig raising farmer who got convicted for smuggling marijuana and Ayre himself was involved in a scandal in 1990. Then he created Bodog and nourished it to be the biggest casino brand in the world.

As the profits grew so did Ayre’s lifestyle. He appeared in Playboy, fully dressed and stated that he bought 3,000 issues of the magazine for himself and he also judged televised lingerie contests during the Super Bowl. Ayre owns 2 houses in Vancouver, 3 in Antigua, pads in Costa Rica, Thailand and the Philippines.

The famous online gambling’s king of bling will never go to three places in this world. This first one is the USA, where Bodog brand got famous and Ayre made his fortune. The passing to UIGEA radically changed the picture. His biggest net worth was in 2005 and he had to switch from online gambling operator to franchiser of his brand.

Second place not to go is his home Canadian province Saskatchewan where he gets bored by the remoteness. Finally, Poland is the last place where Ayre would never go again, because he got mugged. Two girls got him into a bar where a group of men waiting, robbed him of £220. It is amazing how a smart man like Ayre felt for this trick.

According to Ayre, the United States are struggling to get into the gambling industry. Even though the results of the Black Friday in Us brought the Bodog brand into discussion, Ayre states that there is no possible way for it to be dragged in to the case. Ayre is focusing on the Asian market now and sponsors two football clubs.

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