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Monte Carlo Promotion from Neteller

Neteller’s latest promotion sends players to Monte Carlo

The leading payment solution provider for online casinos is Neteller. A good way to keep its players attracted is with their promotions that are made from time to time. A luxury holiday to Monte Carlo, the Mecca of gambling, was offered in their latest promotion. It started on the 5th of August and it will end on 11th of September.

A first class Monte Carlo plane ticket, a one week stay at a 5-star hotel and $10,000 spending money will be offered to the winner. It is something that everyone dreams of and it is evaluated at $35,000.To be dropped off at the hotel by helicopter, to tour the principality for fine dining or shopping, to gamble at the casino or to walk on famous Grand Prix track are the alternatives that the winner has. Assuming that the winner has already experienced all these, he or she can opt for an alternative prize of $20,000.

Through the promotions page at the Neteller web site, players can register for the available promotions. They will be required to enter their names and e-mail addresses and to confirm that they have read and accepted the rules stated.

Just after they finish registering, the new members need to use their eWallet or Net+ cards at online casinos and other online outlets. In order to increase their chances of winning, all they have to do is use their cards as often as possible. One entry for every $500 deposited to a website will be earned. But, if it falls in the category of preferred online gambling then the Neteller members will earn two entries for the same amount of $500 deposited. Preferred casinos can be found on Neteller website.

An independent supervisor will watch over the lucky draw that will take place on the 11th of September. Within three business days the winner will be notified either via e-mail or phone call. On the Neteller promotional website, the winner’s name, first initial of the last name and their country will be announced.

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