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Bet365 is paying players for their losses

Wins on Loses are the words that lately define Bet365 Online Casino, due to its latest astonishing slot game.

The incendiary Mr. Cashback slot game has made its appearance 1 month ago at Bet365 online casino and it seems it is one of the most appreciated online slot games ever. The outstanding cashback features makes this game one of the most attracting in the online casinos.

Like no other slot game, Mr. Cashback pays money to players that loose while playing the game. More specific, players will be refunded the line bet for every payline that doesn’t win for 50 times consecutively.

Mr. Cashback is the first online slot game to integrate the cashback feature. Besides this, the game is packed with excitement, featuring excellent graphics and fabulous game play.

This new slot game is a 15 payline game offering a maximum jackpot of 7,500 coins. On top if that, the game offers free spins rounds and automatically triggered multipliers.

Bet365 is one of the most appreciated online casinos these days, attracting tons of players with amazing bonuses and promotions, plus the tournaments that are being held frequently.

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