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Bodog Casino Players Wager for the Top Ibiza Vacation Prize

Bodog Casino’s Summer4Play promotion is entering its final week after having had a successful run since the start of August.  Players are hoping to win the top vacation prize that has yet to be taken.  It includes a trip to the Party Island of Ibiza.

Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, is known as a preferred hot holiday destination for the rich and famous.

The trip for two to the island resort in Spain includes a week-long vacation, with an additional amount of up to 500 British pounds per person for airfare, as well as up to that same amount in total spending money.

The promotion for this prize will run from August 22 through August 28 and its winner will be selected within 24 hours of the promotion’s completion. The winner, who will stay with a friend at an Ibiza luxury hotel, will be contacted by telephone.

To take part in the Bodog Casino promotion, players attempt to earn a maximum number of tickets that will enter them into the draw as frequently as possible.  The greater the number of tickets, the better their odds of winning a trip.

There are several ways for a player to earn tickets that will enter them into the draw for the prize.  For example, players will receive one ticket for every 100 pounds in handle on any game they play at the casino during the week of the promotion.

Beyond the draw for the top prize, there are also guaranteed prizes.  For example, any player who earns 25 tickets during the promotion week will receive a cash prize of 25 pounds.

Within the first portion of the promotion earlier in the month, two players at Bodog Casino won vacations to Las Vegas and Miami.  Players are also still competing for the trip to Cancun prize that will be won this week.

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