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The Hard Hit Gambling Industry

April 2011, witnessed three poker sites closing down. The Black Friday has badly hit the gambling industry. It is one of the worst cases that the online gambling has ever seen. Since then the industry has gone through a lot of changes. Governments have made consistent efforts to protect the interests of their players. Modifications of gambling laws have been brought about. Many players are yet to receive their deserved amount of money from online gaming rooms. Gamers no longer take part in the games of Full Tilt Poker. They are looking for other sites to get their money back.

The interesting thing to note here is that, although every part of the internet gambling industry faced losses due to the effects of Black Friday, operators of online casinos don’t have much to say about it.  Probably they are focusing more on rebuilding the trust of players than paying attention to the news. This summer, online casino operators went through rigorous processes to have their players back.  Efforts have been made to provide casino enthusiasts with a secured gaming experience in compliance with the laws. The safety seal, eCORGA is used by many online casinos who reveal the same on their websites.

Although many steps have been taken by the internet gambling industry to recover from the Black Friday effects, it is important for operators to maintain integrity to survive in the industry.

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