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Enhance Your Chances of Winning with Omni Olympics

Still a year is left for London Olympics to start. But Omni Casino will have its version launched in September. Omni Olympics as it is called will be hosting an array of grand games in this mega event. The prize pool for the event is $12,500.

The slots tournaments of Omni Olympics will commence from September 15. These will continue till the 14th of the month. The format of this mega event is quite similar to the slot tournaments which were held in the casino earlier.  Every one has chances of making significant wins at Omni Olympics irrespective of whether the player is a high or low bettor. They can participate in the tournaments of Omni Olympics for free. The games which are qualified for the tournament are those having paylines between 15 and 40. For these games, players can get a tournament spin point on every spins with real money. Players will have their ranks mentioned in any of the leaderboards based on the points they accumulate. Although players can take part in tournaments whenever they wish to, winning chances are more for the early participants.

Players having their total wagers ranging from $5000 to $15000 will be able to carry forward tournament points. On wagering between September 1 and 14, players can carry 1000 points forward. These points hold a lot of importance.

Omni Summer Olympics will include a new feature called ‘’Hurdles’’ Prize Booster. This feature enables players to receive upto 100 extra points, if they make more than 75,000 spins with real money. Some trivia questions will also be featuring on Omni Casino this week. Qualified players will be awarded with play bonus worth $10.

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