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Big Hart: Tragic Marine Leaves Gift for Friends

David Hart, tragically killed in Afghanistan, bequeathed his friends the holiday of a lifetime to gambling mecca Las Vegas.

Last year, 23 year old British marine David Hart was killed by an explosive device while serving in Afghanistan.

It soon emerged that the marine left $163000 for his friends and their girlfriends to go on a gambling spree in Sin City.

In July, friends honoured his last wish by travelling to Las Vegas and partying hard

Andy Hare, one of Hart's friends, said, “Its the best and an unforgettable holiday we have ever had. We all have enjoyed each and every minute of our stay in Vegas. Most of our friends visited the gambling city for the first time and they all were amazed.”

The trip was funded by Hart's life insurance policy. In addition, Hart left almost $81500 to various charities.

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