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Neteller Offers Online Casino Players New Neosurf Card Product

Neteller is the leading payment service provider for most online casino operators and its new prepaid card product, Neosurf, is sure to be a hit among online casino players.

Neosurf enables casino players to instantly deposit funds into their Neteller electronic wallet account.  It lets them use their funds to make online payments or transfer them to online casinos.  In order to load their electronic wallet, an online casino player simply needs to follow a few simple steps that are laid out in the instructions provided by Neteller to help them complete the process.

Eligible Neteller customers can purchase Neosurf cards from any retailer authorized to sell Neteller services and merchandise.  Once purchased, the player simply has to sign into his or her Neteller account and choose the “Deposit” or “Money In” option that is listed in the main menu.  The Neosurf deposit option should then be one of the choices from which a player can select.  A player can make a deposit anywhere from €22.50 to €4,372.50.

Neosurf cards feature a unique 10-digit PIN number located on the backside of the card.  This number is important for the final step of the deposit and needs to be entered before funds are deposited into a player’s account.  Once the PIN is accepted, money will be automatically placed into the player’s account at which point it can then be transferred to online casinos via the normal transfer process.

Neosurf is currently only available in four countries - Spain, France, Belgium and Italy.  However, this service will be expanding to reach Neteller clients in other countries in the future.

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