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Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online casino industry. Interesting news comes from the gambling market of Italy. Spin3 has recently teamed up with Neomobile. They aim at launching Casino Planet. It is Italy’s recent gaming operation. Spin3 is one of the subsidiaries of Spiral Solutions. Neomobile is one of the initial AAMS licensed providers of the Italian gambling market.

Casino Planet aims at providing its customers with the popular table games of Microgaming. Blackjack and Roulette are some of the games to be offered by Casino Planet. Users of Android and iOS devices will have access to these games. Neomobile will get administrative services from Spiral Solutions in this regard.

The smart phone industry witnessed a huge growth in the Italian gambling market. Matti Zinder, who heads spiral solutions said that the increasing number of smart phone users have led to the popularity of mobile gaming. He also said that before the market gets overcrowded, it is best for companies like Neomobile to capture it. Zinder continued to say that, Spin3 with its great game quality will be able to deliver great gaming experiences to its customers.

A  research report on mobile gaming has been compiled by H2 Gambling Capital. The report has been released recently. The H2 Mobile Team will be joined by Charles Palmer. Palmer is the former head of Betfair. Reports suggest that Charles Palmer will play an advisory role. He will suggest clients on how to make the best use of the new technologies.

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