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Online Gaming Hub launches new Self Exclusion Tool

Player Verify's new tool enables players to ban themselves from online gaming sites.

Player Verify's new self-exclusion tool has impressed both online gaming operators and players. This useful and responsible tool allows players to totally exclude themselves from online gambling, making it a great option for those who wish to stop or take a break from gaming.

A major advantage of the tool is that players can effectively ban themselves from all online casinos, not just the casinos with which they are registered. It also allows them to self-exclude in a simple and quick way, rather than by visiting each individual online casino.

Online casinos which register with Player Verify can search the database for players who have applied for exclusion. Therefore, even if a player finds it difficult to stick with his exclusion, online casinos can effectively re-enforce the decision.

As well as promoting responsible gaming, online casinos who use this tool are certain to find their public image and their reputation for customer service improved.

Players and casinos must simply visit to register.

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