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Money Transfer Options for American Online Casino Players

Despite politicians' efforts, American players can fund their online casino account in a number of ways.

Online gambling is not illegal in America, nor is it illegal for Americans to send or receive money from online casinos.

It is, however, illegal for any American financial institution to send or receive money from gambling businesses. This is an important distinction, as it means that if you attempt such a transaction, you are not legally at fault.

Visa works in a number of online casinos, so American players should try this first. Mastercard and even American Express work in some cases, but are less likely.

If your credit card does not work, your next option is a transfer using Western Union, which any online casino will accept. The disadvantage of this method is the 3% fee, but online casinos may discount or waive this fee for regular players.

The final option is writing a personal check to the casino. Of course, the disadvantage is that it could take a couple of weeks for your account to be funded.

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