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Pick Your Thrill at has launched a revolutionary new promotion which allows players to pick their own bonuses.'s new Pick Your Thrill bonus promotion gives players the power to select the bonus of their choice.

To take part, players must simply make a minimum deposit of $50 along with the promotional code. Until the promotion's conclusion on 11 December, they can then choose any of the bonuses, including free slots, roulette spins and even bonus cash prizes.

Whether you are a fan of free slots or rave about roulette, has a suitable bonus for you. Bonuses can be claimed on every minimum deposit made, so if the choice is too difficult, why not aim to claim one of each?

According to, “The ability that players can themselves select the bonus game appropriate for them is a revolution in the online casino and this clearly proves that always keep players interest above all.”

888 Casino's fantastic bonus offers and promotions has made it one of the world's most popular online casinos. It is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar.

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