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Facebook Could Launch Online Casino Games

Following last month's decision to allow online gambling advertisements, Facebook could now begin offering online casino games.

Facebook is the latest site to display interest in the online casino industry. The site, the largest social media network in the world, is rumored to be in talks with several online casinos, gambling experts and consultants.

eGaming Review reports that Facebook hopes to develop profitable new revenue streams, while the online gaming industry wants to access the public more effectively. Therefore, an agreement between the two parties could be a match made in heaven.

Facebook is already a market leader in non-monetary online gaming, with Zynga-powered games like Zynga Poker.

Opponents of Facebook's rumored move into online casino games say that it could cause an underage gambling problem on the site, making children think that gambling is only “fun and games.”

However, eGaming's report said that Facebook and any interested online gambling companies will have to find a workable age verification procedure, as well as an agreeable revenue sharing solution, both of which will take time.

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