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89 Employees Cutoff By Greektown Casino

On June 24th, 2008, Greektown Casino officials cut off eighty-nine employees as a part of their $7.8 million reorganization cuts. Greektown Casino spokesperson Roger Martin said that most of the employees that were cut off managed casino table games and around seventy of those employees work in a part-time basis at the casino.

Martin assured customers that they will not cut-off any games and these move only aims to maximize the overall efficiency of the games and cut back unnecessary costs. Martin would not divulge on how much Greektown Casino was able to save due to the job cuts. Martin added that they will implement additional cuts but would not say how much. Greektown has a total of 1,900 employees.

According to the statement that was released by the Greektown Casino, the cut-off employees will be the main priority if they choose to work for the casino again if additional jobs will open. Officials said that they are expecting to hire around four hundred employees for their four hundred room hotel that will open on next year.

Greektown casino chose to file for bankruptcy protection as their unpaid bills grow and contractors threatened to stop working on the hotel and the casino gambling floor expansion. A spokesperson for the UAW, which represents the employees, could not be reached for their view on the matter. Since filing for bankruptcy protection, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Walter Shapero and the Michigan Gambling Control Board have approved a $51.3 million in interim financing to help with the ongoing expansion of the Greektown Casino.

Casino officials expect that they will emerge from bankruptcy protection on September 1st, 2009. Shapero said that he will consider approving an additional $150 million for the expansion project of Greektown casino and for the operation of the casino. Shapero have also approved payment for Greektown Casino's utilities and new emergency payments for the construction expenses of the casino.

The utility bills of the casino is around $293,000 every month. Judge Shapero also approved $1.4 million in payments for construction employees that were not taken into consideration earlier this month.


03 July 2008
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Jessica Kellerman

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