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UIGEA Influence on Recent Developments in the International Online Gambling Industry

In light of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), as one would expect, the online gambling industry has indeed shifted its focus to non-US countries. In addition, the UK has taken steps to make it more complex to use its services illegitimately. Meanwhile, although it may not be quite as harsh as the UIGEA, Turkey has begun to issue new restrictions on its own online gambling sites.

Apparently, the UK and Spain seek to advance their online gambling enterprises. In extension of their developmental plans, the UK based Bookmaker Ladbrokes has made a joint venture with the Spanish Corporation Cirsca Slot, as both parties have the mutual goal of generating a sports betting business for the Spanish market.

Furthermore, Betbull, a UK-based chief European bookmaker that seeks to secure a prominent role in Italy's betting has recently received four Italian betting licenses for Como and Milano.

Evidently, the goal of gambling enterprises in the UK is not only to expand, but to do so in a manner that complicates the illegitimate use of their services. Betbbrokers proclaimed an arrangement between themselves and GB Group, an identity management specialist to use their identity verification service. This web-based electronic service, URU, is the UK's new method of verifying the identification of new clientele in order to intercept potential cases of identity fraud, money laundering and underage gambling.

Contrastingly, a Turkish newspaper relates the new binding regulations that Turkey has placed on online gambling sites and the punishments that will befall perpetrators.

News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond, 15 January 2007

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