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Online Casino Jurisdictions and Age Limits

As part of the development of the Online Gambling industry, Online Casino Jurisdictions and age limits have been set in order to better control and monitor the activities and rights of casino operators and players alike. To learn more on the subject, read the following article on online casino age limits and Online Casino Jurisdiction restrictions.


Normally, every organized activity includes, as part of its development, the creation of a series of rules and regulations under which the adjoining bodies should act. The same is true in the case of the remote gaming industry that ever since its beginnings has been regulated publicly and privately by third parties and by the same online gaming software providers and operators that created and marketed the services. Thanks to the nature, impressive growth rate, global impact and interests of the remote gaming industry, those private and public regulations have taken a huge leap from loose and unclear to a more stable, strict, complete and regulated set of guidelines under which online casino operators and users are expected to act. If well is true that we are still to see a global unification and application of those guidelines, the interest of the industry, the public, and the governments seems to be turning towards that road. Two of the most important aspects in this theme are those related to the gaming jurisdiction and the online casino age limits.


A remote gaming jurisdiction is the authority conferred to a particular official organization within a determined geographical territory to monitor, restrict and regulate the activities of remote gaming operators. Although the role of gaming jurisdictions is fundamental to guarantee the ethical behavior of providers, operators, and players, there is not a unique, across the board set of regulations they try to enforce. This lack of consensus gives a lot of room to various degrees of performance within the circle of jurisdictions. Out of the 76 remote gaming jurisdictions in existence today, some are stricter and some are less. Nonetheless, they all bestow upon a determined geographical territory the status of legality of the remote gaming activities carried out within that area. What this means is that those remote gaming jurisdictions not only estipulate the level of leverage an online casino has, but also the scope of action all gaming activities under its responsibility enjoys.

Online Casino Jurisdiction restrictions determined whether it is legal or not and to what extent, the involvement of regular citizens in gambling activities. From there, the importance of checking not just the online casino’s legal status, but also the position of one’s jurisdiction regarding participation of players in gambling and gaming activities. Although a particular jurisdiction may allow the existence and practical operation of remote gaming operations, it may prohibit actual gaming and/or gambling from the part of its citizens, or some of them, under different degrees of legal penalties.

Age limit

Online casino age limits is another relevant subject under the Online Casino Jurisdiction restrictions. Depending on the jurisdiction the online casino operators are based in, a particular age limit will be set under which all gaming activities must be rejected. This age limit restriction should be publicly published by the casino brand as part of its Terms and Conditions. Regardless of that, every person should check the regulations regarding online casino age limit restrictions in the jurisdiction they reside in. This is the most important indication of whether or not a person of a certain age is legally allowed to partake in online gaming activities.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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