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AGEM Board Approves Collaboration With Casino Enterprise Management Magazine

On April 15th, 2009, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers announced that its Board of Directors has approved a partnership with Casino Enterprise Management magazine making CEM "the official magazine of AGEM". The collaboration calls for AGEM members to get marketing discounts, AGEM Executive Director Marcus Prater to have a slot on the editorial advisory board of CEM, different editorial opportunities including a story in the yearly Global Gaming Expo issue, involvement at different CEM events and other bonuses and opportunities.

Established in 2002, CEM has become one of the leading worldwide trade magazines that cover the gaming industry all over the world. The magazine reaches around 16,500 gaming professionals every month, including seven hundred fifty tribal leaders and 450 gambling regulators and is distributed in all fifty states and is distributed in all fifty states and 105 countries on six different continents.

AGEM President Thomas Jingoli said that AGEM is very happy to announce this collaboration with Casino Enterprise Management magazine and Magazine Publisher Peter Mead and his group. Jingoli added CEM's development and growth as gaming trade magazine has been impressive. Aside from that, CEM has supported AGEM over the years and made a proposal that greatly benefits AGEM and their members. Publisher Peter Mead said that CEM is proud for AGEM's recognition of their works and it continues to inspire them to do a better job. Mead said that they fully support the mission and philosophy of AGEM and they plan to do everything in their capacity to support it.

Aside from that, the AGEM Board also gave their approval to the membership application of Jumbo Technology of Taiwan, bringing the total AGEM membership to 74. Jumbo Technology is well-known for making electronic gaming machines like baccarat. AGEM is a worldwide trading association representing manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gambling machines and important products and services for the whole gambling market. AGEM works to improve the interests of gambling equipment suppliers all over the world.

With the help of political action, trade show, information drive and outstanding corporate citizenship, AGEM members collaborate together to create good opportunities for every group within the organization. AGEM has supported regulatory commissions and legislative problems to solve gaming issues and make a business environment where AGEM members can grow while giving a solid level of support to gaming initiatives.


18 May 2009
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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