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Anti-Casino Groups in Boston Hire Dennis Bailey

On February 17th, 2008, the anti-gaming strategist who helped dismiss a Maine casino plan back in 2003 now finds himself trying to stop a casino from being built on both coasts. Dennis Bailey, a Portland-based public relations person, was just recently hired by the opponents of a planned casino by Donald Trump and Gov. Deval Patrick, who plan to construct a casino facility on the state.

Bailey also signed up to give help to the residents of Lynden, Washington, which is in the Canadian border. The residents are determined to protest the presence of the Nooksack Northwood Casino in their area. 54 year-old Dennis Bailey has been fighting off casinos since 2000 and said that he believes that gambling will only affect poor people. But Rep. Donna Loring, who is the representative of the Penobscot Nation in the state legislature, commented that Dennis Bailey is only an opportunist that is motivated by greed.

Bailey said that his anti-casino stance did not produce cash for his firm, Savvy Incorporated and most of its business is focused on give public relations advice to corporate and non-profit customers. Back in 2006, Bailey helped an anti-casino organization in Rhode Island block a ballot measure that would have given permission to the Narragansett Tribe to construct a $1 billion casino.

Richard Young, the President of Casino Free Mass commented that Bailey impressive credentials on stopping the Maine Casino that was proposed by the state's two biggest Indian tribes is now being utilized by every anti-casino organization in the country. But some wonder whether Bailey is getting undue credit for the anti-casino campaign in Maine. Roy Lenardson commented it is a group effort and not just a Dennis Bailey thing.


02 March 2008
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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