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Baccarat Card Counting Strategy

Since in Baccarat the shoe almost consistently accommodates the casino, the Baccarat card counting strategy is used to decide and bet on the hand where the casino will get the lowest percentage. Basically, this gambling strategy is utilized in an attempt to minimize the casino's advantage over you.

In Baccarat, the dealt cards are put in a tray called the discard tray. Cards that are placed in the discard tray can not enter the game again until the next shuffle. Thus, knowing the cards that have not been dealt yet can help in developing your Baccarat card counting strategy.

Although according to both Peter Griffin and Edward Thorp card counting is ineffective, there still remains a possibility of a tie bet Baccarat card counting strategy.

For instance, if there are no more odd cards, the only possibilities that remain are even, meaning that your chances of getting a tie are 62 percent higher.

One way to spot this opportunity is by adding 1 to cards that are odd. If your card count gets to 160, you will have the aforesaid advantage.

Your best bet is 7.8 percent of your gambling money. Thus, if your bankroll is $100,000 you should bet around $7,800. Your average win for every time you make this bet will be $4,712. However, this chance does not come along very often.

Baccarat card counting for evens is simple as well. Of course, the larger your bankroll, the more money you will earn with this strategy. Although they may not be as gainful as the odd strategy, they do tend to happen at a higher rate. Cards that are valued at 10 account for over 75 percent of the card deck, meaning that you can have another profitable situation. In addition, you can use your count of the evens to restrict your bank and player wager losses to a certain extent.

Above all, remember that a Baccarat game can be entered and left as often as the participant desires. By just watching the game, if you enter a game with 8 spare even cards, your odds of a set which is entirely even is 5 times higher than when you started.

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