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Baccarat History

There are many theories on the origin of Baccarat in Baccarat history. Since “baccarat” is an Italian word meaning “0” or “nothing” in English as well as French, several countries continue to vie for the credit of the game's origin. The word most likely connects to the rules of this gambling game, which deem the value of face cards and 10's as 0.

While there are those that believe Baccarat began as Vingt-et-un, a French game we currently call h, another theory maintains that Felix Falguierein, an Italian gambler, used Tarot cards to create Baccarat in the Middle Ages.

Nonetheless, the most dominant theory of Baccarat history is that the game began in Italy and was brought to France by Charles VIII in 1490 AD, where it was played by French aristocracy prior to its introduction as a game played at casinos.

Whether Baccarat origins lie in France or Italy, the game has spread through many regions, gathering various rules along the way.

Although Baccarat was a leading game in Europe, the French game, Chemin de fer, a Baccarat variant, eventually replaced Baccarat. Nevertheless, the French game never gained popularity in the United States.

According to Baccarat history, the American Baccarat variant was established in England, and later spread to South America, as well as Central America. In the 1950's, Tommy Renzoni brought Baccarat to Las Vegas' Dunes Casino. Currently, Baccarat is probably most notorious around the Hong Kong vicinity, in the Portuguese region of Macao.

Whereas each country makes its own modifications, the style and air of sophistication of Baccarat has sustained its attraction with high stakes players and the social elite of the global community.

Mini Baccarat was created as an alternative to Baccarat's glittering image, in an attempt to make the game more popular. The rules of Mini Baccarat are identical to those of American Baccarat, with the exception that it appeals to players with a moderate bankroll due to the more straightforward methods of operation and the reduced table limits. Thus, with Mini Baccarat, you can play this stylish game even though you may not be a high roller. In addition, i is usually played just like Mini Baccarat.

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