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Backers of Beloit Casino Prepared to Take Case to Governor in Next Round

On January 10, 2007, the Regional Director of the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs gave his nod of approval for the Beloit Casino. Now the supporters of the Beloit Casino proceed to the next round. Beloit city officials have joined the Saint Croix and Bad River Chippewa Tribes at the Bureau in Washington last Wednesday. The City Manager of Beloit, Larry Arft, commented that he and the other officials will be joining the event to show how much the community approves and supports the proposed casino plan in the area.

About 61% of Beloit's voters in have given their approval in the 2000 referendum regarding the matter. Arft commented that the city council has approved of many resolutions in support of the casino as well. Arft also said that receiving regional approval of the BIA is vital, but the solid backing from the community will be as important for the officials in Washington.

According to Arft, the community supports the casino because it will be the main source of economic growth in the area. The construction part for the project alone, which will cost around $200 million, will provide hundreds of jobs. Arft claimed that once the construction is completed and the casino is fully operational, there will be 3,000 permanent jobs at the casino complex.

Aside from the casino, there will be hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment businesses built near the casino that will provide jobs as well. The biggest hurdle that the plan could encounter is the approval from the governor of the state. According to Arft, the city will prove their case to the governor and if they get the BIA's approval in Washington, they will lobby the governor again on the economic effect of the casino in the state.


16 January 2007
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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