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Banning of Casino Riverboats in Little River Gives Hope to the Incorporation Advocates

On June 19, 2007, a Tuesday night vote made by the Horry County Council to prohibit casino river boats in their jurisdiction will likely strengthen the plan to include Little River so the officials in the area can pass their own laws and restrictions.

Executive Director of the Little River Chamber of Commerce, Craig Hill, said that the decision to prohibit casino riverboats will help the plan for the incorporation to develop even more. Hill is very active in the Little River community and a big supporter of the incorporation.

He commented that he is just one of the residents in the area who wants the incorporation for their community. Hill said that many people in Little River support self-determination.

The Horry County Council voted 7-5 at their regular meeting that day to ban the casino riverboats. The only casino riverboats in the country, 2 of them, are in Little River.

The 2 casino riverboats sail into federal and international waters so that their customers can gamble without breaking state laws.

Hill said that it bothers him that other people are making decisions for Little River, regarding the county council's decision to ban the casino river boats when 11 of them don't even live in the county.

In accordance with the existing state laws, casino river boat gambling casinos can operate for 5 years from the date of the decision of the county council. He said that if Little River was allowed to approve the casino riverboats, it could be a great advantage for the hamlet that is located in the Intracoastal Waterway.

An average of over 5,000 people a week visit the casino riverboats. The passenger fees and taxes from the riverboats are more than enough to help the county.

Hill said that the profits from the casino riverboats would be useful in paying for Little River as a municipality. The County does not need to spend too much on improving Little River. Hill said that is a terrible setback for Little River for the county council to deny them the opportunity coming from the casino riverboats. Hill said that the county residents who want to see Little River as a municipality are already making the necessary steps to make that a possibility.

He added that they have already sent the paperwork to the state offices located in Columbia. Hill, who admitted that he does not gamble, dismissed the reasoning that is used by those that base the banning of the riverboat casinos on morality. Hill said that they do not want to fight with anyone, they just want self-determination.


05 August 2007
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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