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Former Bet on Sports CEO David Carruthers Remains in Jail

The former CEO of Bet On Sports, David Carruthers, will remain in jail after failing to meet the requirements of his bond release.

According to Judge Mary Ann Medler's spokesperson, Carruthers failed to meet all the terms of his release last Monday. The bail bond is set at $1 million and he is required to stay in the St. Louis area and wear a tracking device.

The judge's office declined to state what the terms that Carruthers failed to meet. The indictment of Carruthers and ten other executives is the largest prosecution of an online gambling company in the US.

Since the arrest, Bet On Sports has halted its online site operations in the US.

Atty. Scott Rosenblum, Carruthers' lawyer, met with Judge Medler and the federal prosecutors last Monday in a closed door meeting.

Last Friday, Rosenblum commented that aside from the $1 million waiting to be posted, he has already reached a deal on the release of his client.

Meanwhile, in a separate St. Louis hearing, Judge Carol Jackson extended the betting company's restraining order.

Last week, Bet On Sports announced that it is shutting down the offices from Antigua and Costa Rica that took bets from the US. As such, the company announced that it will focus its operations on South America, Europe, and Asia.


18 February 2007
News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond

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