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BJP Voices Opposition To OffShore Casinos

On June 15th, 2008, the BJP political party in India demanded that the state of GOA should dismiss all off shore casino gaming licenses. Goa's BJP head Shripad Naik commented that they do not require any off shore casino gaming licenses. The state government should dismiss all of the casino licenses by modifying the Anti Gambling Act.

BJP's State Executive which recently met decided to make a stand against the off shore casino facilities, which have overrun the Mandovi river. While the government has handed licenses to only two casino facilities, there are a substantial number of casino facilities that are present in the river.

Naik commented that because of corruption, off shore casino gaming licenses were awarded indiscriminately which resulted in the casino congestion in the Mandovi river. The presence of the casinos can also present some danger and block the navigational channel in the river. Naik commented that their party is not in favor on any kind of casino facility, even an on shore casino.

He also said that it will be a bad influence to the youth in the area. Earlier this month, the BJP lead a procession to the office of one off casino operator, blocking the entrance of the office for almost three hours.


29 June 2008
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Jack Silverman

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