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How to Cash Out your Online Casino Bonuses

Clearing an online casino bonus for the first time may be as exhilarating an experience as wining your first progressive jackpot. On the other hand, online casino wagering is not the least exciting. Because we can sometimes become absorbed in the gambling action and end up forgetting how far we were from clearing an online casino bonus we need to keep things under control. The following advice will help you with keeping things in track.


The first step you need to take to eventually clear an online casino bonus is to have a plan. The plan should begin with revising the particular Terms and Conditions regulating the specific bonus you are interested in. Look for the section stating the “Eligibility” requirements. In this section you will be informed of which of the games of that particular casino brand qualify for the bonus. Once you know which games are eligible to count as adding points towards clearing h, move to the “wager requirements” of the T&C (Terms and Conditions). That section of the contract will clarify how many times should you wager the bonus and/or the particular amount of money, and what is the limit of the wagers you are allowed to make before the bonus is yours. Now you can actually tell what is expected of you in order to redeem the bonus offer.


Prepare a spreadsheet either in your computer or on a notebook with the following fields in it:

  • Name and type of bonus
  • Wager requirement for bonus
  • Wager requirement for games
  • Wager requirements for bets
  • Date and hour of casino login
  • How much money did I have in my bank roll at the beginning
  • How much did I wager today
  • How many time did I wager the bonus
  • How much did I have in my bankroll at the end

Each time you sit down to play, make sure you have the spreadsheet handy so you can fill it in with the pertinent details as you go. Although it may sound like a lot of work for something that should be sheer fun, remember it will help you keep track of your bonus and how much you have wagered. With time you will get use to it.

Casino history logs

Another fabulous way of keeping track of your online casino wagering activities related to bonus clearance, is to take screenshots of the history logs localized within the “history” feature of the software. Although some n do not offer this feature, it is turning more and more popular among online casino software providers to add it to their new programs. In online casinos that do offer a history feature as part of their software, just click on it to access the online casino wagering information you are looking for, then take a screenshot and save it in the folder you have assigned to that particular branded bonus.

An oasis in a sea of sand

The only way you will not have to keep manual track and documentation of your online casino wagering in order to calculate how far are you to clear a bonus is by playing at casino that support the revolutionary h. The ez bonus system will keep track of what you have wagered automatically and you will be able to check on it any time you wish to. For a complete overview on the eZ BONUS system read the section on this site entitled eZ BONUS.

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