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How Do Online Casinos bonus codes Work?

Attracted to the world of t? If the answer is yes, you will have to become an expert in the particular terminology of the online casino bonus jargon. To get started on that, we offer you an overview of online casino bonus codes and what they mean.


An online casino bonus code is a series of numbers that accompany a bonus promotion with the finality of allowing the players to take benefit of that particular promotion while tracking down the source of the player. Put differently, a bonus code is a way for the online casino operators to know from which affiliate, patron, or specific site the players are coming from.

How they work

In actuality, the way online casino bonuses work is quite simple. A unique tracking code (or more) pertinent to a particular bonus promotion is assigned to an individual source in order to identify it later. Each time that a player chooses to play through a particular vendor (a site, a land kiosk, a referral friend, etc) that unique code is attached, rather embedded, to the player’s account providing the casino operator with specific information about how the player arrived to their bonus promotion. In a few words, a online casino bonus code is nothing but a tracking system that permits the online casino operator to trail the origin of players and the performance of their vendors.


Without exception, every online gambling bonus comes accompanied by a code that allows the online casino operators to track the origin of the player. Nonetheless, sometimes those bonus codes are invisible to the naked eye of the regular player. Some other times, they are a recognizable code that needs to be typed in by the players in order to be eligible to play the online casino bonus. These are the different type of online casino bonus codes:

  • URL bonus code: when you click on a bonus banner or link at a casino operator site or at one of its affiliates’ sites, a code will be attached to that specific source’s (site) URL. That is what is called an URL bonus code. In these cases, the process is automatic and you will not have to type in any information (codes), nor will you see the code or how it is allocated to the specific bonus promotion or player account.
  • Non-URL bonuses or Referral party bonuses: these are the kinds of bonuses assigned to parties without URL. In these cases, not only will you see the bonus code, but also you will be responsible for providing the casino operator’s managerial system with that particular code through the casino operator’s site. Good examples of these kinds of online casino bonus codes are those given by friend’s referrals, and casino hard copy, printed promotions.
  • Specific promotions bonus codes: bonus codes that are allocated to a particular promotion instead of being assigned to a specific vendor or referral. For example, an affiliate wishing to carry out a private tournament may receive a particular bonus code for that specific event that will track all players signing up for that tournament through the affiliate’s account.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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