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Online Casino bonus terms and Conditions

If you are attracted by the alluring charm of online casino bonus promotions, you will be better off realizing that most casinos require a specific online casino bonus play before they will allow you to cash out any moneys. Interested in knowing more? Read the following article on online casino bonus wager requirement.


An online casino bonus promotion is a particular enrollment or retention tactic practiced by every single online casino in the world. As such a tool, every single bonus you will ever come across will be directed towards the attempt of having the players play longer, thus gamble more money at the casino tables and gambling games. As attractive and exciting as they may seem, you need to be aware that promotions like bonuses are indeed governed by strict terms and conditions that should be complied with in order to cash out any money at all from that particular enterprise.

Terms & Conditions

If the question “Am I obligated to play with the Bonus?” had to be answered in a monosyllable, that single monosyllable would be “Yes!” Whether it is covered as such by the “Terms & Conditions” governing the particular bonus or not, you will have to wait until all the bonus wager requirements are met before you are able to even look at the money that that particular bonus you just signed up for promises. Virtually every Terms & Conditions contract related to a bonus will state the necessity for the deposit or the bonus money (if not both) to be wagered an X amount of time before the money is free to be claimed and cashed out by you. In fact, most online casino operators will only allow n from the player’s bankroll either a limited amount of money (predetermined in the Terms and conditions) or an amount of money that excludes the deposit plus some of the free play amount (which should remain in the player’s account) until the wager requirements are met. However, after the bonus’ T&C (Terms and Conditions) have been met, the player is free to collect both the bonus and the additional winnings.

The fine print

There will never be sufficient stress placed over the fact that it is fundamental to read and understand completely the clauses compiled in the particular and general T&C pertaining to online casino bonus promotions and payouts. Should you fail to do so, you may not be aware of some, all, or many of the policies governing both the bonus and your cash outs. In many cases, the casino includes a clause in which your written notification is necessary for cashing out a specific bonus you have just played. In some other instances, when you incur in online casino bonus play you are required to insert a particular bonus code before you can claim your bonus, even if you comply with the bonus’ T&C. There are even instances where some games are not eligible as part of the bonus wager requirements, so that if you play them and wager your bonus on them you may be just wasting your time, the bonus, and your deposit unnecessarily.

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