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Different Casino Bonus Offers

The main objective of online casino bonuses is to give the player some sort of incentive that will keep them coming back to the same online casino brand on a regular basis as opposed to having the players playing only seldom times or diversifying their gaming activities (a.k.a. money) among several different online casinos. Intrinsically, there is nothing wrong with getting complimentary amounts of money granted to your bankroll while you enjoy yourself when gambling online. However, you must be completely aware of the terms and conditions governing a particular online casino bonus lest you feel like you have been cheated should you not get what you thought you would.

Every single type of online casino bonus offer will always be accompanied by a brief explanation of the particular terms and conditions applicable to them. By making sure you read and understand those governing rules you will not only know what you are getting into, but you will be able to understand the logic behind online casino bonuses and learn to take advantage of them positively.

Types of online casino bonuses

The following is a simple classification of the most common online casino bonuses.

Sign up bonus
Bonus offered by the online casino brands the first time you sign up at their online casino and make the required first time deposit. This is a one time only deposit and is generally subject to a determined number of hands you must play before cashing your bonus money out.

No-deposit bonuses
Bonuses granted without a necessary cash deposit.

Single deposit bonus
Eligibility to play these bonuses depends on a onetime deposit.

Multiple deposit bonuses
Bonuses granted upon on consecutive deposits. Some online casino brands will limit their multiple deposit bonuses to a certain number of deposits, while other will establish as well a determined period of time in which the deposit must be made in order to redeem the casino bonus online.

High rollers bonus
As the name points out, these are the online casino bonuses granted to those able and willing to deposit sums of money close and above $ 1,000.

Complementary bonuses
A complementary bonus is that given by the online casino brand willingly and without the player requesting it or signing up for it. However complimentary, some requirements may apply in order to redeem online casino comps.

How to make the most out online casino bonuses

As we mentioned before, one of the best ways of making online casino bonuses work for you is by understanding the terms and conditions associated with them. Sign up for a bonus only if you see it feasible for you to comply with it regulations, otherwise you may be wasting your time and money.

The other tactic you should apply is shopping around for the best offers. If an online casino offers splendid multi deposit bonuses, or even online casino comps for frequent players, then concentrate your playing activities there instead of spreading around to many sites and no bonuses. In other words, calculate your odds at every online casino and stick to those who offer the most beneficial bonuses in relation to your investments.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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