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Cashing Out at an Online Casino

The Basics

Online casino withdrawal is actually very simple if you know where to concentrate your efforts. The first thing you really need to do is to check the Terms and Conditions (T&C) clauses on payouts, cash outs, wagering requirements, eligibility and game restrictions (for bonuses). By doing that, you will get a head start in knowing what to expect from that particular casino brand and how to actually proceed in getting your money out of your casino bankroll and into your pockets.

Most online casino brands will request that you meet the wager requirements before you can cash out any winnings or bonus money. Although the regulations regarding this subject are completely up to each casino’s discretion, they must be fully disclosed to the public in one way or another. Besides establishing cash out requirements, keep in mind that many online casinos also restrict the amount of money you may be allowed to withdraw within a daily, weekly, or monthly frame. In addition, take under consideration that depending upon the company that powers the casino, their payout policies, and their working habits, it may take the casino anywhere from one day to more than 30 days to hand out the online casino cash you have just won.

Pay out methods

Let us move now to the actual pay out methods. Each one of the online casino operators has the right to choose what sort of payment methods it supports: electronic payment methods, e, checks, bank transfers, etc. That is to say that although you may have been offered a specific depositing method, the cash out medium may vary from it. Most casinos online limit their payouts to the payment method chosen by the player when he/she first opened his/her player account. Nonetheless, many others grant the right to change online casino payment methods at any point, and yet many other brands stick to a few payout intermediaries or methods no matter how the player’s deposits are being made. Once more, make sure you read the T&C regarding payouts.

Claiming your gains

In order to claim your winnings, many online gambling casinos operations may require you write a notification. In other words, you may have to e-mail, fax, or write a clear demand for your profits in order to be paid out. With the implementation of new technologies, better ethical practices and better-regulated sites, those kinds of claims are being replaced by automatic payout methods. Be on the safe side and check on how online casino winnings are claimed in the casino you are playing at.

Keeping track of your cash outs

It is all very easy to get lost in the excitement of online casino action and loose track of winnings. To avoid this, either keep track of your online casino cash by building a simple spreadsheet with what goes in, out and when, or simply choose to play at a casino that offers cash out tracking technologies as part of the software features. In addition, build an individual folder for each one of the online casinos you play at and keep there all documentation related to online casino payouts (electronic post, screen shots of Terms and Conditions and bank roll, proof of payment, bonus promotions news letters, etc).

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