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Casino Market To Limit Criticism of the Smoking Ban

On May 7, 2007, the American Gaming Association decided to scale down their opposition to the banning of smoking while inside public buildings because of the increasing number of states in the US which are imposing the law in their own jurisdictions.

While the casino industry as a whole has been a decisive critic of regulating smoking and confining it to casino gambling establishments, a lot of states have prohibited smoking in public buildings. This convinced the organization to lay low on the fight.

American Gaming Association Official, Judy Patterson, claims that the battle is fast becoming a lost cause. The lobbying associations will stop their efforts against such health oriented lobbyists.

Judy Patterson said that currently the momentum is on the side of health advocate groups. The issue has become a difficult battle that can not be handled by the casino industry alone.

Many members of the American Gaming Association have commented that they are in favor of the smoking ban as long as it will be implemented all over the country and all of the casino facilities across the United States will be included. The Association also believes that there is no single facility that could benefit monetarily from allowing their customers to smoke inside their establishment.


20 June 2007
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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