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Online Casino Software Platforms

If you have been exposed to any of the online casino software providers on the Net, chances are you have heard the term “online casino software platforms”. If you have and you are still at a lost about what it means and its contribution to your gaming experience, we invite you to read on and find out.

What are they?

In order to understand the subject of this section, let us begin by explaining what a Platform is. In a few simple, lay words, a Platform is a structure that permits particular software to run. In strict terms, the word Platform refers either to hardware or software. If referring to hardware, it conveys the set of hardware components that constitute the computer. If referring to software it points out to the place from where the software is initiated or opened. Nonetheless, when we use the word Platform, we generally refer to the Operating System (OS) of a computer (let that be a mobile phone, a video game system, a personal computer, a car navigation system, or what have you). In that sense, we would say that our personal computer runs on a Mac, Linux, PC, etc. platform, or that our cell phone’s platform is JavaFX Mobile, Windos Mobile, S60 platform, Linux, etc. However common that may be, those statements are only partially true since the term Platform is inclusive of a lot more than just the OS under which a particular computer operates. For the means of this article, the term Platform will refer specifically to the particular “invisible engines” (as the authors of Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries have put it) that permit us launching particular software on a computer, in our case a casino gaming program. In other words, a Software Platform is the place from which the casino software is powered. Having that cleared out, let us continue.

Casino Software Platform Providers

In the almost infinite horizon of the online gambling industry, many are the software developers trying to market their game platforms to the myriad of online casino brands that operate worldwide. From those game platform developers and providers only a handful come with the necessary technological power and ethical awareness to make a successful appearance in and contribution to the remote gaming industry and its enthusiasts. Among those respected software platform developers are:

  • C
  • m
  • p
  • R
  • W
  • ChartWell
  • b
  • OddsOn

For an in depth synopsis on each one of those software platform developers please visit the pertinent page under each of the company’s names in our site.

Who delivers the goods?

What online casino operations and players alike look for in a software platform can be consolidated in two words: quality and reliability. Speed, security and flexibility rank first in the quality issue. Licenses from jurisdiction, certificates from testing groups and reputation within the industry are fundamental on the reliability side. A platform that allows for secure, real-time and stable data transfer, cross platform software, easy management of the casino software interface administration and configuration, embedded payment mechanism, tracking systems, and the like, is an excellent platform for an online casino software. If in addition, the platform comes with gaming regulating and assessment certificates, seals, and licenses from prestigious groups (like the AGCC, e-COGRA, TST, etc.) assuring the ethic and proper management and functioning of the platform and its providing company, then the software platform is as trustworthy as it gets.

Article Submitted by:
Harry Cohen, Editor.

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