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Online Casino Terms and Conditions Explained

As many other operations, online casinos provide their services upon the services user’s willing acceptance of a number of clauses exposed in the “Terms and Condition” part of their contract. To make sure the user is actively aware of these terms and conditions, every online casino presents them prior to running or installing their software once a user has requested to load the program. Without the acceptance of such clauses, the program will simply not run and the player will not be able to start gambling online.

Although major emphasis has been placed by online casino brands over the importance of thoroughly reading their Terms and Conditions, most people just click on the “accept” button automatically without been aware of the conditions and obligations they have just imposed upon themselves. To offer you an overview of the most important points covered by most Term and Conditions, we have collected the following information.

Importance of playing fairly

Every single online casino brand shows a zero tolerance policy to those players caught in collusive/unethical behavioral practices. The particular measures taken by each one of the brands are completely up to them and vary from one casino brand to the next in severity and nature. Nonetheless, anyone trying to deceive or to take unfair advantage of either the online casino brand or other players will be very easily identify thanks to the efficient proprietary technology systems implemented by virtually every casino operation online.

Among the most common measures taken against collusive behavior are:

  • Confiscating of the winnings
  • Temporary or permanent cancellation of membership
  • Addition of the player’s name and details to a blacklist that is circulated amongst other casino operators in the industry

Following the rules

Every online casino worth playing at will include on its home page one or more menu tabs dedicated to explicitly express the rules by which their tables, games, site, and activities are governed. Some of the common names given to the tabs under which you will find information on this subject are: “How to play”, “House Rules”, and “Fair Playing Policies”. In addition, the Terms and Conditions and/or the “User Agreement” section(s) of the site will serve as a more general and complementary background as to how to behave at a particular online casino. However big of a task reading all of these sections may seen, it is common sense etiquette to know and follow the house rules.

Reading the small print

Besides dealing with clear behavioral standards, the Terms and Conditions of every online casino brand include important information about the conditions under which the service is and will be provided, and regarding other legal information pertaining indemnity and liability, intellectual property, policies on promotions, competitions, and cash-back programs, and very important “General” information. This “General” information section is what many would informally call the “small print”, make sure you read and understand this section for it includes information on amendments, Waivers, interpretation, applicable laws and jurisdictions, limitation of actions, etc. Should there not exist a section in the Terms and Conditions entitled “General” simply look for the information regarding the subjects we have pointed out above and make sure you read it and understand it.

Article Submitted by:
Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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