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ChartWell Online Casino Software

Knowledge is power. This centuries old saying had never been so true as when applied to the field of online casino software providers. In the immense field of cyberspace gaming, only those who get to know the software and platforms out there will have the power to get what they want. In this article the leading s developer and supplier ChartWell is discussed.

History and Background

chartwell technology Inc. was founded in 1998 as a software developer and provider in Canada. Counting with over a 100 employees in Calgary, Vancouver, London, and Malta, ChartWell has come to represent one of the best standards in the software developing solution industry of our time. One of the things that sets chartwell technology Inc. apart is the fact that it offers a perfect integration between its products and its clients’ existing architecture (platform) positioning itself as a technology partner for many of the most popular and trustworthy remote gaming operators in the world.

An innovative leader in technology development for the remote gaming industry, ChartWell has develop an impressive suite for diverse gaming systems that include online, mobile, interactive television sets, PDAs, and interactive kiosk gaming platform options plus back-end gaming management solutions. On the security and regulatory side, ChartWell is a member of the RGA (Remote Gambling Association) and the IGC (Interactive gaming council) and is registered with Standard & Poor’s, as well as with the United States Securities Exchange Commission. To reassure its customer and their customers’ client of ChartWell’s commitment to quality and security, the company’s suite of casino, poker, soft games (Hoy Race Lotto, Krazy Kubers, Hi-Lo, Card Sharks, Mad Matterhorn, and Lot-O-Balls) and n, count with the rigorous testing of the TST. The fact that chartwell technology Inc. has no interest in becoming part of the remote gaming industry in the form of a casino operator has given the company a sharp edge and advantage over other online casino software providers.

Casino ChartWell Flash Software

ChartWell’s Flash casino software is utilized not only for browser-based platforms but also for wireless ones like mobiles, interactive television sets and kiosks, thus providing gaming enthusiasts all over the globe with a great level of independence and accessibility. Among the best features related to ChartWell’s casino software:

  • State-of-the-art graphics, sound, and GUI
  • Integration with different existing web sites and banking systems
  • Options for download, no-download and kiosk player software
  • Large assortment of casino games (table games, L, video poker, card games, instant games, and soft games)
  • Multi-currency and multi-language options
  • Support of diverse payment processors
  • Bonus and Loyalty programs
  • Multi-hand, single player, multi-player options

Besides all the above-mentioned features, ChartWell offers a good selection of high quality and creative tools destined to aid wireless and online casino operators with back-office management tasks like player tracking, safe data transfer, player account management, funds withdrawal process, etc. This administration, marketing, customer relation tool named Cyber Boss is currently being used by many of the titans of land casino operations running online casino operations as well. This is just one more prove of ChartWell’s superiority over other online casino software providers. Without a doubt, wherever you see casino software powered by ChartWell, rest assured you can trust the source.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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