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Chet Koch Appointed as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ameristar Casino

On July 22nd, 2008, Ameristar Casinos Incorporated has announced that Chet W. Koch has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ameristar Kansas City. Koch had been previously service as the casino's Vice President and Acting General Manager. He has been with Ameristar since September 2006.

Michelle Shriver, the Senior Vice President of Operations for Ameristar said that Koch has proven his worth as an outstanding executive. She said that he is very happy with Koch's promotion to his new promotion. Before being appointed to the Acting General Manager position in August 2007, Koch was the casino's Vice President of Finance.

Koch, whose gambling industry career spans thirty years-also served as the Vice President of Finance for Caesars Entertainment's Northern Mid-South area and Vice President of Casino Finance at Windsor Casino Limited in Ontario, Canada. Koch also served in different operation positions for casinos managed by Harrah's, Claridge, Hilton and Resorts. His wide experience also took him to important domestic and international gambling destinations like Reno, Nevada, Atlantic City, Queensland, Australia and Windsor.

Koch said that he is very happy with his new position and he is looking forward on working with his team to improve the service and products of Ameristar. Koch attended the Iowa State University and Stockton State College and has degree on business management and accounting. He also received the 1993-1994 Promus Companies (Harrah's) Chairman's Award for Expert Skill for his different roles in opening six casino facilities in less than eighteen months.


04 August 2008
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Lauren Desmond

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