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Cirrus debit Card Payment Options

Cirrus is a worldwide interbank network. With the Cirrus logo on your card you can withdraw money for online casino play from a network of over 1,000,000 ATM machines all over the world.


Cirrus was developed by i and most times the Maestro and mastercard logos will be shown next to the Cirrus logo on the card. The network is also used by the competitors of Mastercard making Cirrus even more established in the world. The Cirrus logo by itself doesn't make a great debit card but added to any standard debit card it creates a great advantage.

Benefits of Payment Method

Cirrus is Mastercard's ATM-only brand. It is meant for ATM access and it can be found on all sorts of cards for this very purpose. Cirrus isn't a payment method by itself as it can only be used for withdrawals in ATM machines. It is a great option for fast and easy access to money in the hand. The card is basically without boarders as it is part of a giant network accepted worldwide. So if the payment method is the one of cash and you are standing in a street in any big city of the world this logo is very helpful. Depending on where the card is issued good fees for withdrawals can be worked out. There are also possibilities of having two currencies linked to the card as well as options of anonymity. To find out about the advantages of a Cirrus-linked card you will have to check what your local bank is offering. The card is safe using the Chip and PIN method so it can be trusted just as well as any other debit card.


The Canadian and American ATM machines use the Cirrus network alongside their local networks. The Cirrus is also accepted at many banks as their international interbank network together with the other international VISA and PLUS. This is evident as cards like VISA and Diners Club (rivals of Mastercard) many times carry the logo of Cirrus. In India and Bangladesh the Cirrus network also serves as the local interbank network. Having the Cirrus logo on the card makes it an international card with access to almost any currency, for withdrawals that is. If you use a Cirrus linked card for a withdrawal abroad you will have to check with your local issuer what you will be charged for the money exchange.


Cirrus by itself is only meant for withdrawal and can't be used for purchases in stores and online. Since the logo usually comes together with the widely accepted Mastercard and Maestro logo this isn't really a major concern. It only adds a plus of great ATM access to the card already in use for shopping and Gambling. As the benefits of the Cirrus can vary greatly depending on location it might be well worth to pay attention to this logo all though it is exclusively linked to the ATM machines.

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