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Colorado Senate Panel Approves Smoking Ban Expansion

On March 12, 2007, the Denver senate approved the plan to expand the smoking ban in Colorado to the casinos despite the objections of casino employees.

According to casino operators, their profits could drop as much as 30% because gamblers will decide that they will not stay long to play because they cannot light up while playing. An employee at the Isle of Capri casino, Cyd Klein, a single mother and beverage server at the casino, said that it would not be a problem if casinos would build patios for smokers so that they could smoke outside the casino. The senate panel sent the House Bill 1269 to a senate full debate.

The measure has already been approved by the House. Last year, the casinos were exempt from the smoking ban which first covered bars and restaurants and other public places. Pam Sullivan, a h dealer in the Isle of Capri, commented that while she loves her work, she is really worried about the effects secondhand smoking may have on her own health. Thus, she is in favor of the law that senators are pushing because everyone has the right to a clean and safe working environment. Some gamblers commented that many customers who played in the historic towns where the casinos are located do not smoke so it will not have a bad effect on the casinos anyway.

Chris McKinney, VP of the Fitzgerald Casino in Black Hawk, commented that Colorado should not expand the smoking ban until they remove the current restrictions on casinos because contrary to popular belief, the revenues of the casinos will suffer.

The state of Colorado allows only a maximum wager of $5 and the gambling casinos must close their business at exactly 2:00 a.m. while other states allow their casinos to open 24 hours a day.


01 April 2007
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Lauren Desmond

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