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Online Casino Complimentary points

With the high level of competition amongst online casino brands, many are the tricks and perks tried by the casino brands in order to attract more players and retain those already playing at their tables. From this fact, one thing is certain: players all over the world can take conscious advantage of the situation and benefit from casino absorption and retention tactics (like online casino comp points) and have the time of their lives. Discussed in the following article are online casino comp points.

What are Comp Points?

Complimentary points, also referred to as comp points, is a gizmo utilized by many of today’s online casino brands to retain players by showing their appreciation for the player’s loyalty in the form of non-requested points that are credited to the player’s profile/account. These granted points, besides being offered willingly by the online casino brand without obliging the players to anything, can be exchanged later on for bonus chips in accordance to a predetermined exchange rate. They could also be utilized to cover part of a tournament and/or event entrance requirement. To put it differently, the complimentary point system used by casinos is quite similar to the “star”, VIP, or membership systems utilized by o and clubs.

How does it work?

To keep things as clear as possible let us begin by clarifying that there are not existent universal regulations pertaining to online casino comp points. What this means is, that every casino operator decides when and how to award a player with these kind of reward. Nonetheless, if an online casino decides to offer a particular group of players, or individuals, complimentary points for whatever reason, the individuals involved have the right to know the terms under which these points have been granted and what terms and conditions govern them. In other words, the online casino operators are obligated to fully disclose the terms and conditions under which that particular promotion is being implemented. The players’ obligation is to know and understand these conditions. If you need help with this or any other matter, call the casino’s customer service/support team and request they explain the subject to your satisfaction. They should be more than happy to assists you.

Who is eligible?

Just as many other promotions, complimentary points are managed through the back-end system of the casino operators. A particular managerial program keeps track of the pertinent factors that act as prerequisites for obtaining a particular benefit. In the case of comp points, the factors may include a specific number of bets within a particular period, or a determined dollar amount to be wagered. In any case, the best way to know who is eligible for this sort of promotions is to check with the particular casino operators about their promotions, Loyalty, and VIP plans/programs. Apart from checking on eligibility, make sure you inquire about the conditions applicable in order to make those complimentary points exchangeable for bonus chips, branded garments and equipment, tournament entries, events admission tickets, etc. Although it is clear the casinos will prefer you invest the comp points at their tables, the options are limitless and very individual to each brand.

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