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Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling is a problem that has far reaching in every part of society. While there are some who will say that the problem is contained, there is no disputing the numbers. More and more gamblers are finding that they cannot quit gambling, and they draw their friends and families down with them. There are several ways to recognize and help addicts of gambling, but unfortunately most times people become aware of the problem too late, with disastrous consequences.

When you think that family member or loved one cannot quit gambling, there are several steps that you must immediately take. First of all, you must confront them with you suspicions. Most of the time this will prove futile, as they are too addicted to even contemplate that they have a problem. The next step is to cut them off financially. While there is the risk that they will turn to unlawful acts in order to pursuer their addiction, there is no doubt that you must protect yourself in order to survive the ordeal. If possible, try to commit them into a treatment center. Understand that compulsive gambling is an addiction like any other, and you must treat it as such, if they are to stop and lead a normal, productive life. Written by Jenkins Tyson, 10.11.05

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