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Craps History

Since antiquity dice have functioned as a means of telling the future, inferring the will of the gods and eventually, as the oldest gambling tool.

Apparently, Craps history begins with the Arab dice game of Hazard, which later reached France and England in the early 1700s. Craps was so well-liked in England that even Geoffrey Chaucer acknowledges it in the Canterbury Tales, since the English played the game for centuries. According to Craps history, when England won Acadia from France, the Acadians brought the game to what is currently called Louisiana.

The name of the game of Craps comes from “crebs”, the roll with the least value in the game of Hazard. It is possible that the French pronunciation of “crebs” is what led the game to be called Craps. Evidently, Craps became the official name of the game in the middle of the 1800s. In accordance with Craps history, gambling boats that moved up the Mississippi River helped spread Craps across America.

The initial versions of Craps permitted either field or come bets, as well as the crooked/loaded dice to influence the results of the rolls. John H. Winn later invented variations which enabled wagering with or against the shooter. These innovations meant that loaded dice was no longer of avail. Winn's Craps is the version we still play today. By the year 1910, Craps was a phenomenally popular casino game and it has maintained its status. When it comes to the amount of money bet, Craps (whether online Craps or h) is currently the largest gambling game ever.

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Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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