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Craps Place Bet

A Place Bet win is when a specified "Place Number" 4 or 10, 5 or 9, 6 or 8 is rolled before a 7 appears. Whether online gambling or casino gambling, a Place Bet can be made anytime after a shooter makes his come-out roll. To make a craps Place Bet tell the dealer: "Place the (desired number)."

The odds and house advantage should be taken into consideration:
  • Place 4 or 10 9:5 House edge: 6.67%
  • Place 5 or 9 7:5 House edge: 4.00%
  • Place 6 or 8 7:6 House edge: 1.52%

If a player is going to make a Craps Place Bet, it is highly recommended to do so only with a 6 or 8 because of the low house advantage.

If a player wins a Place Bet, the winnings will be returned by the dealer but the original bet will remain on the table. This indicates a new place bet, but the player may request that the original bet be returned. Players may take back an active Place Bet at any time.

There is also a Place Lose Bet which is the exact opposite of the Place Win Bet. Instead of wanting the "Place Number" to be rolled before a 7, the player bets that a 7 will show before the "Place Number."

Article Submitted by:
Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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