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The diner's club credit card Payment Option

As the first credit card introduced ever to be introduced to the public, Diner’s Club does have certain cachet, which attracts customers, and some of these customers will want to use the Diner’s card for online s.


With its history as a restaurant-oriented credit card, Diner’s Club is probably not the card that first comes to mind when you consider making an online casino deposit. However, it is worth looking into as a payment method.

How it Works

As an online casino payment method, the Diner’s card works just like any other credit card. Simply go to your chosen casino’s banking section, and choose the credit card option. The casino will walk you through the deposit process.

Despite recent changes in the law, US players are able to use e, including Diner’s Club, to make online casino deposits. Some casino’s that accept US purchases via Diner’s are: Yukon Gold Casino, Zodiac Casino, and e Ballroom. Before attempting any online casino deposit, you should check with both the casino and your credit card issuer, to make sure that there are no restrictions on either end.

Players need to be aware that the casino will require the credit card number, the full expiration date, and the three-digit security code which can be found on the back of the card. This information must be entered manually; for security reasons, most online casinos have disabled the “cut and paste” feature in the data fields of the banking section. Also, it’s important to make sure, before attempted an online casino deposit with a credit card, that the name and address on the card match the name and address on the casino account.

Diner’s Club credit cards will have the same advantages as any credit card when used as an online casino payment method. The transaction will be fast and secure, and, as long as the credit account is in good standing, the funds will be available immediately. There are drawbacks, however: like any credit card, Diner’s Club will charge interest on the transaction, and there will be a transaction fee. Transaction fees are usually about 3% of the transaction’s dollar value; the interest rates are usually charged at the higher cash advance rate. Players do need to be aware of this.

Currencies Accepted

Because it is a truly international business, online casinos are used to handling different currencies. Most casinos will accept transactions in US dollars, British pounds, Euros, and Canadian dollars. Some players find it advantageous to play in a currency of greater value than their “home” currency (a US player using British pounds, for example), as this can help to increase their winnings.

Players from the United States are reminded that, due to the recent changes in the law, they may have difficulties making an online casino deposit with any credit card. It recommended that all US players check with both the casino and the card issuer before attempting to use a credit card as an online casino deposit method.

Finally, all players must remember that most card issuers will only work in one currency. A US resident, with a card in US dollars, will only be able to deposit US dollars using that card. Again, this is important due to the international nature of online gaming.


When it’s all said and done, a Diner’s Club credit card is a good option as an online casino payment method. It does have drawbacks, such as higher interest rates and transaction fees than other methods, but it also has advantages, such as instant availability of funds, and, through the monthly statements, relative ease of tracking transactions.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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