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Dover Downs Gaming Announces Developments on Phase VI of Their Casino Plans

On March 30, 2007, Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment Inc. (the DDE/Charts/News/Power Ratings) announced their plans regarding Phase VI of their planned Casino Expansion. Some of these plans include adding about 70,000 sq ft of space to their Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, which will be utilized for different things.

The plans of Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment Inc. include a retail area, a coffee shop and 3 new restaurant establishments. According to Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment, the expansion plans would show a brand new main entrance to the casino establishment, a newly expanded gaming area featuring 500 additional h, different casino table games and a brand new Dover Downs Fire and Ice Gaming Lounge, which will also contain different gambling games.

Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment Inc. changed their credit agreement and enhanced their unsecured credit line of about $125 million to supply the money needed for their casino expansion. This will be important as Dover Downs needs the money and the ability to borrow from financial institutions if their casino plans push through.


17 April 2007
News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond

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