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eCheck Payment Option


An eCheck is best explained as an electronic check and functions along the same legal guide lines as a normal paper check. ECheck is the only payment method that as been accepted and authorized by the United States Treasury to make online payments that are of high value over the Internet which gives you an idea of the security of using an eCheck. ECheck is a service that can be used by anyone who possesses a checking account. ECheck has been for many people the most preferred way of online transactions, especially when it comes to dealing with particularly large sums of money.

How does eCheck work?

EChecks work in the same way a paper check does and is just as reliable, possibly more. Anyone with a checking account may utilize this method of payment which is also the most widely accepted means of online transactions by merchants worldwide. EChecks are also more secure than paper checks as they are less likely to be lost and also because it is far easier to prevent fraud where the eCheck is concerned. Using an eCheck is a very simple process. All that one is required to do is write an eCheck using special electronic devices available and address it to the payee electronically. The payee would then deposit the eCheck and credit it. The specified funds are then credited into the merchant account once they have been cleared by the buyer’s bank. The eCheck can also be used where other electronic payment solutions are considered risky, or inappropriate. EChecks ensure quick and secured means of online transactions and can be used from a variety of hardware and software applications.

Currencies used

EChecks are available both in American and Canadian dollars.

US Users

EChecks are very popular among American and European users and are used to make payments for all sorts of online transactions. However US gamers may not transact with online casinos through eCheck as this method of payment as been barred by many of the gaming sites on the web today.


One of the most important benefits of an eCheck is that it can cut down on the processing time of around 2 to 5 days in comparison to the amount of time a normal paper check may take to process payment. An eCheck also provide its user with the complete transaction details and leaves a very strong auditing trail as well. It also has a digital code that can help in identity verifications. Another one of the advantages of using an eCheck to make your payments is that it removes the hassles of dealing with numerous paper account slips and documents; all processing details are done through the web including deposits sips which earlier had to be created manually.

ECheck also provides additional benefits for its users because of its ties with other websites. Making an initial deposit at All Jackpots Casino with an eCheck will earn the user a bonus of $25 not counting the standard onus supplied by the Ma gambling site.


EChecks have been designed by FSTC and supply one with strong proof of payment through the digital signatures and endorsements on it and also have a unique digit code that helps one to keep track of it. They are the most trustworthy means of online payments and are quicker and easier process than normal checks.

Article Submitted by:
Harry Cohen, Editor.

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