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Emerald Stops Fight to Regain 10th Casino License

On December 31st, 2007, Emerald Casino decided to cease it six year battle to win back the 10th casino license of the state board, allaying concerns that the company could stop the Illinois Gaming Board plans to sell of the dormant license by next year.

Robert Clifford, who represents Emerald Casino, said that there is still four remaining legal option that the Emerald Casino can take. Emerald's decision on the matter is a big change from its position in November when it vehemently said that they will continue to fight the license issue despite the refusal from the Illinois Supreme Court to review the appeal of the Emerald Casino.

The casino's decision also greatly improved the probability of state regulators putting the license, which has been inactive way back 1997-in the auction block in 2009. The state has lost a total of $1 billion in gambling taxes because of the unused license.

Gambling Board chairman Aaron Jaffe commented that they should move forward with this issue as soon as possible. Mayor Daley has so far avoided getting the license because the caps in the state only allows for 1,200 gaming positions in the old license and Mayor Daley wants a bigger one for the city.

Emerald started constructing a casino facility in Rosemont in 2000 but the Gambling Board rescinded their approval of the license saying that the company is allegedly linked to organized crime in the state.


16 January 2008
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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