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enets Payment Option

enets provides online credit card payment processing. It allows for deposits from an already existing bank account without revealing sensitive details about the account and its owner. It is accepted at several Asian online casinos.

For enets to work, the bank account must be a Singapore Dollar account and the method is exclusively an online bank account payment method. No physical credit card is needed which is suitable for the Asian market where people in general don't own them. In fact, transactions can be made by way of the mobile which makes this service very attractive to the busy player. This service is of interest both for the gamblers in Asia and the providers online as it opens up the door for a huge market.

Benefits of Payment Method

Transactions by way of enets can be executed very fast and the security and integrity is ensured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), VerifiedByVisa and r SecureCode. Payment transactions by way of mobile are also supported by this service. The service is for free when the user debits from his bank account. As most Asians don't have s this is a great method for online payment and basically opens up the world of online shopping for them. In return it is also of interest for merchants to be able to reach this huge market in a swift and customer friendly way. Using enets as payment method also gives the player maximum security when it comes to his personal details. All private information regarding the bank account will be kept with his bank and not transmitted to the third party where he is depositing the money. Since transactions are made from the customers regular bank account he can keep good track of them and this way better manage his spendings. There is also a daily limit of spending of $3,000 for the safety of the customer.


This service is a Singapore Dollar Deposit service available for customers using online banking through specific Singaporean banks. The online bank transfer works much like a card transaction in that it is processed in real time and instantly. The h solution, s, is an account that can be opened online and then used for money transfers with enets. Opening an account with moneybookers is for free as is the service of enets.


This payment method is mainly for Asian customers as it is a Singapore Dollar Deposit service. However, anyone that is interested in this specific currency and gambling websites that accepts it can easily set up an appropriate online banking account to facilitate the usage. The concept of making online transactions in a cost effective fashion that guards all personal banking details is very popular and well appreciated in the gambling world. So is the possibility of making your own decision as to what to spend money on and not be restricted as sometimes is the way of credit cards. enets might very well be the best solution available for the online gambler located in Asia.

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Harry Cohen, Editor.

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