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EntroPay Payment Option

If you enjoy Online Gambling, and if you live in the United States, then you cannot pay your gambling account online. You will therefore need to find a convenient way to pay your online gambling account, such as through prepaid accounts. Prepaid accounts, however, can be difficult to make if cash is considered. One option is to pay using EntroPay. Through EntroPay, you can pay wherever VISA cards are accepted.

Benefits of EntroPay

Secure. Private. Convenient. These are the promises of EntroPay that, fortunately, it keeps.

How does EntroPay work? In essence, signing up with EntroPay is like signing up for a VISA debit card. When you sign up for an EntroPay account, EntroPay issues you a o. You can store money in your EntroPay account by transferring money from your bank through Internet banking, or from your checking account. Most online accounts are secure to begin with, so you can rest assured that your own personal details will not be compromised or opened to hackers or identity thieves.

You can then use the money stored in the account to pay your online gambling fees. Although EntroPay sounds like a prepaid card service, the difference is that the EntroPay visa card will have fewer restrictions in online use, especially in countries where you cannot gamble online, or where governments discourage online gambling.

That is, acquiring the EntroPay VISA card is akin to obtaining your VISA card from a country where it is legal to gamble online. When you join EntroPay, moreover, you can check your account and update your account balance online no matter where you are in the world. And because your EntroPay account is a prepaid account, you can control your gambling habits and keep yourself from spending your money needlessly.

EntroPay is also highly secure and private. Your financial and private details will not be given to the online merchant or gambling company which you are using the prepaid account for. The only word that will appear on your card statement is “EntroPay,” so you need not worry about privacy matters. Moreover, you cannot be charged by online merchants if they have your credit card number because you control your own spending.

Currencies That EntroPay Accepts

EntroPay also offers customer service, which you can contact any time of the day for assistance or inquiries. EntroPay also accepts a large range of currencies for payment, including US dollars; the British Pound; the dollar currencies of Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Canada; the Euro; and the crown currencies of Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. EntroPay also accepts payment in the forms of Thai Baht, Korean Won, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Israeli Shekels, Swiss Francs, and the Romanian Leu.

Sadly, despite the wide range of currencies and all the benefits associated with it, EntroPay no longer accepts registration from the USA. In a few more years, however, as online gambling reestablishes itself as a legal means of recreation, and as a companies and online accounts strengthen their security measures, you can be sure of renewed US-associated EntroPay services. You may soon be able to experience privacy and security with your online gambling payment system, better control over your online gambling funds, and all day, reliable customer service for your online account.


It is quite disappointing to know though that EntroPay is no longer accepting registrations from the US, especially since it offers a more secure and reliable way of releasing a bet in an online card game. Although there are lots of payment options for a US based card player, still, nothing can beat the benefit of owning a VISA debit-like card, which only a few payment facilities can offer, such as EntroPay

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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